Site Injuries Attorney Dallas

Accidents and injuries occur everywhere: in the home, on the jobsite, at the grocery store, at the local swimming hole, in the oil and gas fields, at school, and so on. No matter where you were injured or how, the property owner could bear some or all of the responsibility. As a personal injury attorney serving Dallas, we understand the liability issues involved in on-the-job injuries as well as injuries that occur at other premises such as at businesses, public places, private property, and recreation areas.


Oil and Gas Field Injuries – Working in the Texas oil and gas fields is risky business. In fact, these occupations are among the most dangerous occupations in existence. While you may know that oil and gas field work is inherently dangerous, that doesn’t mean that you should accept unsafe working conditions or take the blame for your injuries. Our firm’s Dallas personal injury attorney specializes in cases that originate in Texas’s oil and gas fields. You can count on us to thoroughly investigate the accident, find out how the accident occurred, and who is at fault.


Workplace Injuries – Injured while working on the job in Dallas? You could have a claim and you could be owed compensation beyond workers compensation. Contact us to discuss your on-the-job injuries and find out more about pursuing legal action against your employer, manufacturers of equipment involved, and other parties that may be responsible.


Swimming and Drowning Accidents – Swimming and drowning accidents occur for any number of reasons, extending beyond a swimmer’s abilities in the water. From boating accidents and floods to unsafe water conditions and unsecured swimming pools, liability for the accident could fall upon property owners, boaters, public agencies, or other entities. Contact a Dallas personal injury attorney if you’ve been injured or if a loved one has drowned in a boating, swimming, of water-related accident.